Roulette Killer Review

Roulette Killer is one in a long line of programs intending to beat the casino game of roulette. In this review, I’m going to speak about everything I know about the program, how much you can expect to win by using it and finally, if it’s worth your money. By the end of this, you’ll know whether to buy Roulette Killer.Roulette Killer is not what you’d call a very new program, however in saying that it’s still an excellent tool when it comes to making some money through online roulette. And if you’re wondering why I keep referring to online roulette, it’s simply because you’ll need to have the program opened in front of you in order to beat roulette — I can guarantee you won’t be able to sit at a real-world casino’s roulette table and use it; you’ll get kicked out fairly quickly.Roulette Killer works by implementing several methods to beat roulette, including several mathematical formulae in order to calculate odds, bets and raises, smart betting strategies like holding back from betting until a large string of a ball not landing on a certain section of the wheel has been detected, as well as calculating total wins and losses, in order for the program to tell the bettor to switch tables long before his losses could ever outgrow his wins.While you can experience small losses in the short-term, once you buy Roulette Killer you’ll always end up in a profit at the end of the day due to everything the program implements.So how much can you expect to win? Even betting in very small amounts like $1 per bet, you can expect to take home around $50-$80 per hour. While this is not the kind of money that will have you ordering a custom made Ferrari F430 direct from Modena, it is definitely enough for you to leave your job and earn an income through online gambling spending only a few hours a day at an online casino’s roulette table.I’ve been gambling professionally for over five years and in my opinion, automated roulette beating programs like Roulette Killer are the best way for the aspiring career bettor to leave their job and get their foot in the door of this money-making world.Well, I hope that this review has helped you to make a more informed decision about you wanting to buy Roulette Killer, and I hope you can generate some significant success with this program!